• result management system
  • result management system
  • result management system


Most projects fail because they are not sufficiently understood. They solve the wrong problem or the right problem in the wrong way. Why?
Because the advise given in the proverb 'look before you leap' is too often ignored and many projects are started without the proper preparation that prevents surprises in cost, effort and quality.

Your reputation as a successful project manager is at stake, and what is even more important: the loss of customer confidence.


Tetraco has been active for many years in managing projects with complex requirements and often with multi-site project teams.

We have used several project management software tools but neither of them proved to be satisfactory. Over time, we have developed our own methods of managing projects which allowed us to make project plans that were implemented with a deviation of less than 10% with respect to cost and throughput time.

We have now implemented the best practises of these methods in a brand new project collaboration system called TEPCOS.

Where most of the project management tools focus on accomplishing tasks, TEPCOS focuses on letting you understand your project and the results it must produce. Only after all aspects related to these two issues are fully clear and understood, things such as task planning, Gantt charts, Allocation maps, timesheets, etcetera are addressed.

That is why we have named TEPCOS the first result management system around. By focusing on understanding your project you will understand what you need to do, why you are doing it, how you need to do it, with who and when.

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Whenever you want to meet a challenge, be it the development of a new product or service, a change in your process or organization, or the organization of an event, TEPCOS helps you to get the best results: in time, in budget and exceeding your customer's expectations.

You can save your project as a template and reuse it the next time you need to complete a similar project.

The TEPCOS application is pre-installed on its own server that is located in your own safe environment. Via a normal web browser, all the stakeholders of your project can communicate and collaborate, resulting in an optimal support from all involved.

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